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QBe2.0 beryllium copper alloy
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QBe2.0 beryllium copper alloy

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QBe2.0 beryllium copper alloy

QBe2.0 alloy is a beryllium bronze containing Be, Ni, and a small amount of Ti added. Compared with QBe2 alloy without titanium, titanium not only refines the grain size after casting, hot working, and solution treatment, hinders discontinuous precipitation, but also improves the uniformity of the alloy structure and fatigue strength without reducing the mechanical properties, resulting in good elastic stability and small elastic hysteresis of the alloy after aging treatment.

This alloy is an important structural and functional material with high elasticity and strength, widely used in the manufacturing of aviation instruments and electrical appliances

QBe2.0 alloy standard

YS/T 334-2009 "Beryllium Bronze Rod"

YS/T 323-2002 "Beryllium Bronze Bars and Strips"

QBe2.0 Chemical composition

Cu margin

Be 1.85-2.1

Ti 0.1-0.25

Ni 0.2-0.4Al






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