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  • Short Description: C18150①Resistance welding, butt welding, spot welding, seam welding, seam welding, etc.Electrode welding arm, stress electrode grip rod, welding gun, etc
  • Characteristic:Wear resistance, high temperature resistance, good toughness .Creep resistance, annealing resistance .High electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity
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C18150Chromium-zirconium copper characteristics:
 1.With good electrical and thermal conductivity, high hardness, wear resistance, knock resistance, crack resistance and softening temperature,
 2.Less loss in use, low total welding cost, suitable for welding machine electrode and related parts.

Chrome zirconium copper Main uses::
Butt welding wheel, conductive block, electrode cap, carbon dioxide protection nozzle, conductive nozzle, various specifications of electrode wheel; Spot welding of electrical switches, electronic components, tubes, electron guns and picture tube housings.



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