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C17500 (CuCoBe )

  • Short Description: C17500Widely used in resistance welding electrode, horizontal continuous casting mold sleeve in steel mills, magnesium aluminum alloy die casting die pressing head, bathroom mold and so on
  • Characteristic:Wear resistance, high temperature resistance, heat conductivity, good corrosion resistance and polishing property
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C17500 Beryllium cobalt Copper Introduction and characteristics:
  1. Beryllium cobalt copper is suitable for various wear-resistant inner sleeves (such as inner sleeves for crystallizers and wear-resistant inner sleeves in mechanical equipment) and high-strength electrical leads. It has high thermal conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance. Polish. Wear resistance. Adhesion resistance. Machinability. High strength and hardness. Excellent weldability and other characteristics
  2. Beryllium cobalt copper is widely used in the manufacture of inserts and die cores in injection molds or steel molds. When used as an insert in plastic molds, it can effectively reduce the temperature of the heat concentration area and simplify or eliminate the cooling channel design.
  3. Good thermal formability, hot extrusion, hot rolling and forging. With good cold workability, can be cold rolling, stamping, bending, spinning, and hydraulic forming
  4. The excellent thermal conductivity of beryllium cobalt copper is about 3 to 4 times better than that of mold steel. This feature ensures rapid and uniform cooling of plastic products, reduces deformation of products, unclear shape details and similar defects, and can significantly shorten the production cycle of products in most cases.
C17500Beryllium cobalt copper is used in various welding electrodes for seam welding machines, spot welding machines, butt welding machines, etc. Beryllium cobalt copper alloy, good processability, can be forged into various shapes of parts, beryllium cobalt copper strength. Better wear resistance than chromium zirconium copper alloy physical properties, can be used for welding machine parts and welding nozzle and spot welding welding materials
C17500Beryllium cobalt copper use:
  1. Beryllium cobalt copper can be widely used in molds, die cores and inserts that require rapid and uniform cooling, especially for high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and good polishing.
  2. Blow molding die: clamp the broken part, stiff ring and handle part insert.
  3. Injection mold: mold, mold core, corner of the TV shell insert
  4. Injection molding: nozzle and hot runner system of the junction cavity.
  5. It is mainly used in fuses, fasteners, springs, switch parts, electrical connection devices, wires, resistance welding electrode heads, seam welding electrode plates, plastic aniseed molds, etc



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