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C17200 (QBe2)

  • Short Description: Widely used in plastic injection molding mold insert, die core, die casting punch, hot runner cooling system, heat conduction nozzle, blow mold overall cavity, automotive mold, wear plate
  • Characteristic:Beryllium copper is a high-performance beryllium bronze mold material with high conductivity (thermal), high strength, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, high toughness and resistance to liquid metal erosion, which improves the mold life, release speed and casting strength. Overcome the adhesion and erosion mold of liquid metal residue; Improved casting surface quality; Reduced production costs
  • Detailed Introduction
  • characteristic
  • chemical composition

C17200precision and complex shapes, welding electrode materials, die casting machines, injection molding machine punches, wear resistance and corrosion resistance work. Beryllium copper strip is used in micromotor brushes, mobile phones, batteries, products, and is an indispensable industrial material for national economic construction.
C17200 Beryllium Copper Features:
    1. Thermal conductivity: cooling effect, can shorten the beer plastic cycle time, heat dissipation effect can effectively reduce deformation and shrinkage degree, control the shrinkage rate after beer plastic, improve dimensional stability, improve productivity.
   2. Corrosion resistance: suitable for the mold of polyethylene products.
   3. Certain hardness, wear resistance and toughness: as a Mosaic with steel and aluminum, can extend the service life of the mold.
   4. Polishing properties: can make mirror and complex patterns.
   5. Anti-adhesion: easy to weld with other metals, easy to machine and no additional heat treatment
C17200 Beryllium copper properties and chemical composition parameters:


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