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C17200 (QBe2)

  • Application: ①Mold core, insert accessories、②Hot nozzle, oil pipeline、③All kinds of bearings, drive shafts, gears, propellers and other accessories 、④Oil and gas drill pipe column assemblies and tools
  • Characteristic:High conductivity (heat), high strength, high toughness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, resistance to metal erosion combined mold materials
  • Detailed Introduction
  • characteristic
  • chemical composition

C17200 beryllium copper tube
Beryllium copper characteristic:
Beryllium copper is a supersaturated solid solution copper-base alloy, which is a non-ferrous alloy with good combination of mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical properties and corrosion resistance. After solution and aging treatment, Beryllium copper has the same high strength limit, elastic limit, yield limit and fatigue limit as special steel, and has high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high hardness and wear resistance, high creep resistance and corrosion resistance It is widely used in manufacturing all kinds of mold inlays, replacing steel to make molds with high precision and complex shapes, welding electrode materials, die casting machines, injection molding machine punches, wear resistance and corrosion resistance work. Beryllium copper strip is used in micromotor brushes, mobile phones, batteries, products, and is an indispensable industrial material for national economic construction.
Beryllium copper application:
High-performance beryllium copper mainly focuses on various working conditions of non-ferrous metal low pressure and gravity casting molds.  Through in-depth research on the internal relationship between the failure causes, composition and resistance to liquid metal erosion of beryllium bronze mold materials, high-performance beryllium bronze mold materials with high conductivity (thermal), high strength, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, high toughness and resistance to liquid metal erosion have been developed to solve the domestic nonferrous gold It is a low-pressure, gravity casting mold easy to crack,  easy to wear and other problems, significantly improve the life of the mold, release speed and casting strength;  Overcome the adhesion and erosion mold of liquid metal residue;  Improved casting surface quality;  Reduced production costs;  Make the mold life close to the import level.

Applicable range of beryllium copper:
Widely used in plastic injection molding mold insert, die core, die casting punch, hot runner cooling system, heat conduction nozzle, blow mold overall cavity, automotive mold, wear plat

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